BarkWiki helps dog owners find educational information on dog health issues to help you read more about certain types of conditions, infections and diseases your dog may or may not have right now. It is always our best recommendation to bring your dog to a qualified veterinarian, but we want to offer informative information we've spent hundreds of hours researching from veterinarian approved sites. Most dogs qualify for dog health insurance, which could save you thousands of dollars for unexpected veterinarian bills.

cushing's disease in dogs - cushings in dogs symptoms

Cushing’s Disease in Dogs

Symptoms of Cushing’s Disease and Treatment Overview of Cushing’s Disease in Dogs Cushing’s disease in dogs, or hyperadrenocorticism, is a condition of the adrenal glands in the endocrine system whereby…

fleas on dogs

Fleas on Dogs

How Do Dogs Get Fleas? What are Fleas? Similar to mites and ticks, fleas on dogs can cause chaos in the lives of not only animals, but unsuspecting humans as…

gabapentin dogs

Gabapentin for Dogs

Gabapentin Uses as Prescribed by a Vet for Your Dog What is Gabapentin? Although Gabapentin is primarily used for humans, animals have also been found to benefit from the drug.…

parvo in dogs

Parvo in Dogs

Parvo Signs What is Parvo? The canine parvovirus (CPV), otherwise known as parvo, is a serious condition affecting the gastrointestinal health of dogs.  Puppies that are between the ages of…

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