BarkWiki helps dog owners find educational information on dog health issues to help you read more about certain types of conditions, infections and diseases your dog may or may not have right now. It is always our best recommendation to bring your dog to a qualified veterinarian, but we want to offer informative information we've spent hundreds of hours researching from veterinarian approved sites. Most dogs qualify for dog health insurance, which could save you thousands of dollars for unexpected veterinarian bills.

pyoderma in dogs - deep pyoderma dog

Pyoderma in Dogs

Skin Infection in Dogs Out of the 160 diagnosable skin conditions that can afflict dogs, infections of the skin (pyoderma) are undoubtedly the most diagnosed and treated. Although these conditions…

rabies symptoms in dogs - can a vaccinated dog get rabies


Rabies Symptoms in Dogs One of the most dreaded viruses in the canine world is a rabies infection. When a dog is bitten by a rabid animal and the virus…

ticks on dogs - ticks on dogs

Ticks on Dogs

How to Get Rid of Ticks Although ticks are widely known to commonly afflict both humans and animals, ticks on dogs are pesky parasites that often go undetected for a…

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