Monthly Pet Winners

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Ginger – Our December 2020 Featured Pet $100 Winner!

cute dog photo contest winner ginger boston terrier dec 2020

Congratulations to Ginger and Her Owner, Paula!

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Coco – Our November 2020 Featured Pet $100 Winner!

chihuahua rescued from the freezing cold coco barkwiki nov 2020

Congratulations to Coco and Her Owner, Stuart!

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Diva – Our October 2020 Featured Pet $100 Winner!

diva maltese rescue abused neglected oct 2020 cute dog photo winner

Congratulations to Diva and Somer!

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Lucy – Our September 2020 Featured Pet $100 Winner!

barkwiki pit bull rescue halifax humane society FL, Lucy, cute dog sep 2020

Congratulations to Lucy and Her Owner, Marci!

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Ava – Our August 2020 Featured Pet $100 Winner!

white schnauzer cute dog picture

Congratulations to Ava and Her Owner, Ronnie!

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Pikachu – Our July 2020 Featured Pet $100 Winner!

pikachu terrier mix july 2020 cute dog picture

Congratulations to Pikachu and His Owner, Kristen!

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Finley – Our June 2020 Featured Pet $100 Winner!

finley chocolate lab cute pet photo winner june 2020

Congratulations to Finley and His Owner, Misty!

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Zoe – Our May 2020 Featured Pet $100 Winner!

zoe basenji cute dog picture winner may 2020

Congratulations, Zoe and Her Owner, Andrea!

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Bella – Our April 2020 Featured Pet $100 Winner!

bella yorkie rescue april 2020

Congratulations, Bella and Her Owner, Tamaria!

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Abigail – Our March 2020 Featured Pet $100 Winner!

abigail bulldog deaf dog adopted march 2020

Congratulations to Abigail and Her Owner, Jill!

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