There are 340 dog breeds in the world to date. Given the stringent criteria of the AKC, they only validate 192 of those as pure breeds. Most of us just want a friendly, lovable, cute dog to call our own, whether it's a small dog breed, big dog breed or even hypoallergenic breed. BarkWiki is developing a list each month and adding the most popular dog breeds you can find in the USA. Then, we're listing specific health conditions as it relates to each breed. An educated dog lover is a happy one, so come back each week and sign up for our newsletter to find out about the best breeds you might want to adopt and rescue!

Rottweiler lifespan


Rottweiler Characteristics Overview of the Rottweiler Breed Hailing from Germany, the Rottweiler breed emanates power, strength, and prestige. At their origin, these bulky dogs played integral roles as part of…

standard poodle

Standard Poodle

Standard Poodle Facts Characteristics Although the origin of the Standard Poodle is widely disputed, with some saying they are from France and others insist they come from Germany, there is…

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